About Us

Jordan-Young Institute is a specialized orthopedic practice whose physicians focus on the most contemporary non-operative and surgical procedures to address the injured younger elite athlete to the senior desiring an improved quality of life.  Each of our surgeons is assisted by a dedicated team of caring professionals who will help you navigate your path to recovery.

Our surgeons pride themselves on their surgical acumen.  Coming together from top-ranked premier Orthopedic institutions in the United States, our surgeons have knowledge and expertise in the latest advances in medical science and minimally invasive surgical techniques. We have also helped pioneer new advances in medicine, from cartilage restoration to innovative techniques in joint replacement.  Our surgeons’ battery of skills will ensure that you receive the best medical advice for restoring your health and active lifestyle by offering you treatment recommendations based on current science and proven technology.

We perform thousands of surgeries per year involving the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, foot & ankle. These procedures range from the most minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures which were once done through an open approach to the more complex joint replacement revision procedures. Our surgeons are considered both regional and national experts for many of these procedures and thus routinely serve as instructors and authors for a variety of Orthopedic training courses and texts.

At Jordan-Young Institute, we focus on restoring our patients to an active lifestyle .  Our patients are living longer, more active lives and unfortunately their joints cannot always keep up due to injury or degeneration. Our goal is to address this problem so that we can help them to achieve maximum mobility while minimizing pain. Although outcomes can never be guaranteed, our non-operative and surgical decisions are based off of contemporary science and experience.

We invite you to learn more about our surgeons and specialties, and to contact us today at 757-490-4802 to schedule an appointment.