Patient Philosophies

Patient-centered care is one of the fundamental principles practiced by the physicians at Jordan-Young Institute.  From the aspiring ballerina to the retired construction worker, patients with pain and injury to their shoulder, hip, knee or ankle come in all shapes, size and age.  Our physicians understand that each patient has a unique set of environmental, social and medical conditions coming into surgery as well as an expectation for recovery, pain tolerance and performance level coming out.  By working with you, your Jordan Young physician will help to determine which non-operative treatment or surgical technique is best suited to you.

Based on sound research principles and science, your Jordan Young physician will gladly discuss trending technologies such as PRP, cartilage resurfacing, hip resurfacing, partial knee replacement and jiffy hip to help you decide whether or not these treatments and surgical techniques will provide not only successful but rather optimal outcomes for your surgery both now and in the future.  Today joint reconstruction patients are both younger and more active while the implant devices are more efficient and last longer, so the surgical technique needs not only to match the immediate demands of the patient but also be able to perform over the long term.

With thousands of joint surgeries performed every year, our physicians have “seen it all.”  By sheer volume of surgeries performed, our physicians are prepared to identify and address with confidence any issues that arise with the knowledge and skill that comes from experience.