Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to your shoulder pain? Has it become difficult reaching up behind your back ? How about arm pain associated with decreased range of motion? These complaints are quite common in individuals with shoulder disorders. Did you know weekend warriors and older individuals are more likely to get rotator cuff problems than younger athletes? Did you know that many older individuals have labral tears on an MRI but never require surgery for this problem?

The shoulder can be a fairly complicated joint with multiple potential problems which may cause pain. Many of them don’t require surgery. Quite often accurate diagnosis and proper non-operative treatment can improve or resolve the problem. If surgery is required, there have fortunately been dramatic improvements in the arthroscopic treatment (the most minimally invasive surgery) of most shoulder disorders. Most procedures, other than shoulder replacements, can be treated with arthroscopic procedures. These include: rotator cuff repairs (even large tears), removal of bursitis and “bone spurs” which cause impingement (termed subacromial decompression),  shoulder stabilization procedures to include labral & SLAP repairs, capsular release to regain range of motion due to persistent frozen shoulder, and the treatment of  AC joint arthritis to name the more common. Many people do not realize that these procedures can typically be done with the a patient being awake or just sleepy without the need for full general anesthesia.

Shoulder replacement surgery has also made significant improvements in the last 10 years. There are currently different techniques depending on your individual problem. For instance, “reverse shoulder replacement” can be performed in an individual with advanced arthritis and rotator cuff deficiency. Previously, standard total shoulder replacements tended to have long term complications in patients with these symptoms.

Our physicians offer a full continuum of shoulder care for patients in Hampton Roads. Whether you experience pain due to throwing a baseball, lifting your grandchildren, or just trying to sleep at night, we utilize the latest technology and treatments to help you regain mobility so you can enjoy your favorite activities.

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