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Dr Robinson Brings Subchondroplasty to Hampton Roads

Dr Robinson Brings Subchondroplasty to Hampton Roads

Dr. Samuel P. Robinson brings subchondroplasty to Hampton Roads.

Subchondroplasty is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that may reduce pain and increase function in patients with localized inflammation and stress-related damage to the subchondral bone of the knee.

Using arthroscopy and fluoroscopic-guided insertion of a calcium phosphate compound that mimics the strength of natural bone, subchondroplasty preserves the patient’s natural joint, allows for quick recovery and immediate pain relief. More importantly, the bone substitute is replaced by natural bone over the next 1-2 years. This new and innovative procedure not only provides a new option for treatment of knee pain but also does not limit future treatment options for patients experiencing osteoarthritis or knee pain.

For more information, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robinson at 490-4802.