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Our Unique Approach

Jordan-Young Institute was established in 1986, by two well-respected and experienced Tidewater orthopedists — Louis R. Jordan, MD and David B. Young, MD. Their vision was simple — to advance the standards of orthopedic patient care and to serve as trusted resources for patients and referring physicians. Very quickly Jordan-Young established a leadership position in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic disorders. Its momentum has continued over the years with significant advancements, furthering its commitment to patient care, community education, instrument and prosthetic design, and clinical research.

Jordan-Young Institute surgeons perform more than 1800 joint replacements per year, 1,300 sports injury procedures per year and 1,000 spine surgeries per year.  Patients vary from young elite level athletes, to weekend warriors, to older individuals who just want improve their quality of life. Our surgeons are respected by their peers as some of the finest surgeons in the nation, with subspecialties in all major disciplines of orthopedics and neuro-spine surgery.  This experience as subspecialists in individual body parts has enabled the Jordan-Young Institute physicians to become highly-skilled experts in their respective fields. Their skill, proficiency, expertise, and specific areas of focus have earned them reputations as pioneers in groundbreaking innovative solutions that continue to advance the standard of patient care.

Technical expertise is only part of Jordan-Young Institute’s winning formula. Jordan Research Foundation was established in 2004 to advance the field of orthopedics through a commitment to clinically evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of various surgical techniques and devices, including joint replacements, cartilage restoration, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and spine surgery. Jordan-Young Institute physicians have been instrumental in the investigation and development of numerous FDA-approved technologies and are regarded as leaders in the design and development of various orthopedic surgical products which are available today. This ongoing commitment to clinical research and spirit of technique innovation has helped changed the current landscape of orthopedics.