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Patient Care Philosophy

Patient-centered care is a fundamental principle practiced by the physicians at Jordan-Young Institute. From the aspiring ballerina to the retired construction worker, patients with pain and injury to their shoulder, hip, knee spine, or ankle come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Our physicians understand that each patient has a unique set of environmental, social and medical conditions when starting their journey with us. Patients also have an expectation for recovery, pain tolerance and performance level. By working to understand each patient’s lifestyle and physical goals, your physician will help to determine the treatment(s) that may be best for you. We believe that the patient plays a crucial role in making choices for their care and treatment plan. We strongly encourage patients to ask questions to fully understand what their options are, as we work to set appropriate expectations. 

Relying on sound research principles, your Jordan-Young physician will gladly discuss trending technologies such as PRP, cartilage resurfacing, hip resurfacing, partial knee replacement and jiffy hip to help you decide whether or not these treatments and surgical techniques are right for you.