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  • I’m a competitive powerlifter and train year-round with heavy squats and other movements. I was experiencing some hip and elbow pain with training. I tried what my primary care doctor recommended which included rest for 4 weeks and taking anti-inflammatory meds. I wasn’t healing or getting the relief I needed no matter how much I avoided those movements. I contacted Dr. Horn because since he works with athletes who have these issues and I needed help. He suggested trying PRP injections. I underwent 2 hip treatments and an elbow treatment. I had excellent results and was able to continue my training and get stronger throughout the year. I highly recommend the procedure to anyone who is experiencing pain and joint issues
  • The stem cell treatment I had for my shoulder from Dr. Horn far exceeded my expectations. Before the treatment I was struggling with any shoulder exercises and the pain was keeping me up at night due to a rotator cuff tear. Pushups are no longer a problem and I sleep through the night. The increase in range of motion and decrease of discomfort in the shoulder started within about 2-3 weeks of the treatment and improved steadily over the next 6 months. Well worth it!
  • I am an active 38 year old with knee pain due to some early arthritis. Dr. Horn performed a PRP injection on my right knee because I was having pain with exercising. While I still have some pain here and there, I would say it’s about 80-90% improved and I am able to weight train and run with minimal pain. I will definitely look at the procedure again in the future if I have issues with the knee or other joints.
  • Stem cell injections in my low back from Dr. Horn was a life saver. I had chronic low back pain. I work as a mechanic, which requires a lot of bending and getting into weird positions. I tried steroid injections, physical therapy, medications, and a chiropractor with no improvement. I found Dr. Horn who injected my L5 disc with my own stems cells from my hip. After a few months, I am off my pain medicine, moving better, and my wife says I’m in a much better mood!
  • I have bad arthritis in my wrists and thumbs. Cortisone injections were working at first, but they seemed to work less as time went on. My orthopedic surgeon suggested possible fusion, but he thought I should talk with Dr. Horn first to see what other non-surgical options were out there. Dr. Horn explained that I could try using my body’s platelets to help with my pain and arthritis, which I decided to try. I’ve had to get an injection once a year for the past few years, but am happy I have not had to have surgery!
  • Dr. Levi got rid of my hip pain-which I had for 4 years! I had seen 2 other doctors. First we tried a steroid injection into my bursitis. The pain came back 4 months later. Dr Levi did PRP on my hip tendon and now the pain has been gone for 2 years!
  • Before I saw Dr. Levi, I had two steroid shots for my tennis elbow which did not help much. I spent 3 months in physical therapy. I saw Dr. Levi and he did an ultrasound and could see tears in the tendon. He did a procedure called PRP with my own blood. It worked! It is the first time in years I can do everything without my elbow pain. I can even paint again.
  • I have really bad knee arthritis. Bone on bone. I really did not want a knee replacement. I tried other shots but nothing lasted more than a week or two. We decided to try PRP. It is not perfect but it is much better. I can play golf again-and walk!
  • When I first came to APM I thought there was nothing that could be done for me. I couldn’t walk upstairs because of my hip. I couldn’t sleep on that side. I couldn’t walk my dog at night which I love to do. We tried a steroid injection which worked much longer than the others I had before. He used an ultrasound to show him where to put the needle. When it came back we talked a lot about options. He let me make the decisions. We decided on trying a healing type of treatment PRP which used my own blood. This worked so well. I can sleep! I can do anything now without it hurting. I can’t thank Dr. Levi enough.
  • My family doctor referred me to Dr Levi. He gave me years of relief with steroid injections once a year. When that stopped working and they wanted to replace my hip I wouldn’t do it. He suggested we try the blood concentrate into my hip with ultrasound. I did it and am so happy. I can walk upstairs much better and still get around shopping.
  • I struggled for years with my hamstring. I thought it was sciatica. Other doctors told me it was as well. Dr Levi did a bunch of tests and it turns out it was my hamstring. We did PRP to the tendon and I got my life back. No more pain. I would recommend Dr Levi to anyone

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