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The physicians and their teams at Jordan-Young Institute serve as Investigators for numerous clinical trials in an effort to contribute to the scientific data necessary to improve orthopedic and musculoskeletal care in the future. Studies include several post marketing trials intended to monitor short and long term safety and efficacy of joint replacements. They are also involved in studies investigating novel and established treatments for damaged cartilage and other surgical procedures involving the knee and shoulder. Additionally, a data base is maintained to monitor the outcomes of joint replacements, shoulder surgery and knee surgery. Data may be utilized for education and publication in peer review journals. They work with area medical students to conduct this research. 

Jordan-Young Institute is supported by a dedicated research department which includes data-entry personnel and a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. For additional information about our Research Department, call (757) 502-8586.

Jordan-Young Physicians are actively involved in Presentations, Lectures, and Publications. Follow the links below for more details.

The following link reveals a list of the some of the trials or studies which are managed by the Research Department. If you have any questions please call our Clinical Research Coordinator.