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Regenerative Team

The regenerative medicine team at Jordan Young Institute:

Led by David Levi, MD and Scott Horn, DO, Jordan-Young Institute is excited to offer regenerative medicine treatments for joint and spine conditions. Drs. Levi and Horn are leaders in the field of regenerative medicine and lecture extensively on the topic at national meetings. They are both published authors and active clinical researchers in this exciting field of medicine. The regenerative medicine team at Jordan-Young also includes Sara Tyszko, PA who performs clinical research in this area and also is a published lab and animal researcher in the exciting area of stem cells. In addition, Sydney Campbell, ATC is a certified athletic trainer with invaluable experience and knowledge in post-treatment exercise regimens to maximize the effectiveness of our treatments.

There is great enthusiasm about the potential effectiveness of growth factor and stem cell treatments. The regenerative medicine team at Jordan-Young practices responsible use of these treatments based upon science and the latest research.