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  • “When Can I Drive After Knee Replacement Surgery?”

    “When Can I Drive After Knee Replacement Surgery?”

    A question we often get from patient’s after their total knee replacement is “when can I drive?”

    Factors that affect a person’s ability to drive after total joint replacement include type of joint replacement, surgery on left vs. right side, strength to react in an emergency, narcotic use, various comorbidities, and vehicle type.

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  • Dr. Kevin Bonner Co-Chairs AANA Conference – Nov 2020

    Dr. Kevin Bonner Co-Chairs AANA Conference – Nov 2020

    This past weekend, Dr. Kevin Bonner served as the Co-Chairman for the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) Shoulder/Knee Course. The course was scheduled to be held in Chicago, IL, but was changed to a virtual course due to COVID-19.

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  • I Have Shoulder Osteoarthritis – What Are My Treatment Options?

    Shoulder arthritis occurs when the cartilage of the ball and socket joint wears out. Symptoms can include pain, stiffness and limited range of motion. The pain can preclude people from various activities of daily living including reaching overhead, brushing hair or trouble sleeping. Many patients often suffer too long before seeking medical care because they are fearful that shoulder arthritis will require surgery. The good news is that pain from shoulder arthritis can frequently be addressed without surgery. Patients are encouraged to see a shoulder specialist so they can understand their options. There are a variety treatments depending on the extent of the problem.

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  • How Do I Know if I'm Ready for a Knee Replacement?

    Ultimately, a knee replacement is an elective procedure, so the choice to have it done lies solely with the patient. A medical provider can and will provide their advice, but the patient will make the decision to schedule the surgery. So, what is the magic formula to know if you are ready? There are several factors to weigh that can help you make the choice.

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  • Kevin Bonner, MD Publishes Article in

    Kevin Bonner, MD Publishes Article in "Arthroscopy Techniques"

    Kevin Bonner, MD co-authored an article in publication “Arthroscopy Techniques” about an arthroscopic procedure to treat Bennett lesions. The publication aims to provide arthroscopic and related researchers and clinicians with practical, clinically relevant, innovative methods that could be applied in surgical practice. 

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  • David Vincent, MD Contributes Chapter to Textbook for Medical Students

    JYI's David Vincent, MD (Neurosurgeon) contributed to the recently published textbook "The Resident's Guide to Spine Surgery." Dr. Vincent co-authored a chapter on Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (MIS TLIF).

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  • Ivy Rehab's Breach of Security Did Not Effect JYI Patients

    Several months ago, a breach of security occurred within Ivy Rehab, a New York-based chain of about 200 outpatient physical therapy clinics, including 35 in Virginia. In Hampton Roads, they operate as Southeastern Physical Therapy

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  • Why I Recommend Steroid Injections for Osteoarthritis

    The corticosteroid shot is one of my favorite interventions because it is are easy to administer, almost painless, and they are usually successful at alleviating pain

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  • Is Regenerative Medicine Right for Me?

    Is Regenerative Medicine Right for Me?

    There has been a lot of attention given to regenerative medicine over the past few years in the United States. A lot of professional athletes utilize these treatments to stay on the top of their game. Many other average Joes and Josies have used them to alleviate pain, avoid surgery, and return to the activities they enjoy. So, is the hype worth it? Is this the next big thing in medicine?

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  • Phone Outage

    Phone Outage

    Due to an issue with Cox, our telephone service provider, our phone system is currently out. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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